A client consults in physiotherapy following a bad fall in the stairs that resulted in a long scratch along the inside of her leg, down to the ankle. Following a careful analysis of the resulting edema, Mr Guindon recommends a massotherapy treatment with Sophie.

With this type of injury, our body calls out different internal systems to first, defend itself and then, regenerate healthy new tissues around the injured area. The inflammatory and cellular repair phases were almost completed when we started treatment. At that point, there were no more remaining visible edemas on the outside of the skin, only a small bulge around the top tibial plateau area. In massothe allowsrapy, we view this tissue accumulation as a potential gridlock for blood circulation as well as a lack of tissue elasticity.

We therefore focused our interventions around these areas :

  • A lymphatic drainage promotes a better blood and lymphatic flow that allows better elimination through nourishment and oxygenation of damaged tissues.
  • Using strokes of vibration, effleurage and petrissage, we were able to reestablish healthy blood flow, increasing internal temperature which in turn will help increase elasticity of the connecting tissues through what we call, myofascial release.
  • Working on improving body confidence and experimenting non-threatening sensations releases subconscious contraction brought about by experienced pain.
  • Involve the patient so she can self-heal through demonstrated strokes like the the touch-drive technique where the patient pinches her own skin between the thumb and a finger.

The end result reassured the client’s healing process of her leg short and medium term while involving her in a process that will heal better and faster.