Increasingly popular, our personalized corporate services will complement your group insurance program.This service promotes employees’ health and well-being and is available to businesses like yours.  The treatment options are varied and you have a discount on the regular price. The service has two ways to operate and delivers great costs advantages.

On-site services

We can travel to your business and offer the following services:

– Physiotherapy

– Osteopathy

– Massage therapy

These services can be invoiced directly to the user or the company with a 10% discount.
Our needs are limited to a private room and a 4 hour time block.

Physical activity services are also offered. These are charged to the company and take place in group setting, for a period of 30 minutes per group. To maximize traveling time of our educator, we ask to have 4 groups one after the other.

This option is quite advantageous as your employees do not have to travel to receive their treatment. 

Services at the clinic

You can also send your employees to our clinic and they enjoy the same 10% discount. To register for this discount, a minimum of 5 employees of the same company is needed.  To identify them, corporate discount cards we will be sent to you.  We can also charge your company for your employees’ services. If this is how you want to operate, please send us a list of users for which you agree to pay for services. 

Why taking care of its employees pays for itself

The services presented above will help provide a healthier work environment which in turn is a great productivity accelerator. Researches conducted over the past decade demonstrate that the profitability of a health and well-being program ranges between $ 2.30 and $ 10.10 for every invested dollar. These figures are mainly due to:

– Absenteeism reduction

– Less sick days taken

– Insurance claims reduction

– Lower insurance premiums

– Increase in performance and productivity

Why should you trust the professionals of Clinique Santé Guindon?  Because we cumulate nearly 90 years of experience between all of our professionals. So you have an experienced and complementary team which pays close attention to each patient file, regardless of the treatment being used. 

If you would like more information, please call Stéphan Guindon or fill an online info form.