Having been an acupuncturist for over twenty years, I am always surprised and delighted to see the effects produced by needle insertion (single use) or even by using a soft laser.

Ha! These debilitating and famous menstrual pains, making life impossible for our teenage girls and sometimes even until late adulthood. No wonder this type of pain is responsible for mood swings. They are also the reason why school and work attendance is missed.

We can usually treat the energy associated with light hormonal imbalances by doing one treatment per week during three cycles. However we need to do a complete evaluation to determine the exact origin of the disorder. In Chinese medicine we must always verify if the imbalance comes from the stagnation of the liver’s energy, from an internal cold creating pain, a blood deficiency (specific acupuncture term) or a depletion of the kidney’s energy.

We treated my daughter from day one of her menses, so it was a shorter process for her. In the following years, she received one treatment every six months and then, once every year. We saved her from years of pain, which is why we encourage parents and teens to act quickly from the beginning.

Very often the women I treat have suffered all their life and greatly appreciate the relief that acupuncture brings. Most say that they would have come in sooner had they known. By rapidly restoring the energy balance or the slight hormonal imbalance, you can minimize problems with the uterus, ovaries or all of the hormones.

In regards to children or teenagers who are afraid of needles, we use a laser beam that has the same impact.