People with lumbar pain or sciatica, which is the inflammation of the lower back, or even just regular back pain caused by a herniated disc, are often treated.

Here are some of the causes for the back pain.

  • The pain occurs after a fall, a sudden movement or a static position causing joint blockage.
  • Muscle spasms causing a lack of mobility at the spine or pelvis.
  • A lack of mobility of an organ in the abdominal cavity, like the intestines or kidneys, causes muscle tension or vascular congestion.
  • During pregnancy, the lack of visceral or spinal mobility caused by the change in posture and/or the baby is mostly the reason why backaches occur. After birth, the new mother who received an epidural or an episiotomy may experience back pain caused by these small scars.
  • Finally, as mentioned above, back discomfort can result from an adherent scar causing tension in the underlying muscles.

The therapist’s role is to give the body the mobility of the spine, pelvis, organs and nervous system to relieve the back pain.

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