The practice of a sport is usually based on repetition. One learns a movement and tries to improve it by repeating it continuously. This generalization can be applied to several sports.

But what happens if the body that develops this specialization is not optimal? A fall on the backside when you were younger, an ankle sprain that did not heal properly, a tendinitis still making you sore, and more? This specialization can lead to tendon, joint, neurological and even bone problems.In addition to healing an injury, body optimization is one of the main reasons why athletes visit their osteopath. They want to make sure the body is moving in the right axis and that there is no compensation in the pelvis, the spine or anywhere else. They want to avoid injuries and want to avoid having to relearn a movement that would have been done badly for years.Of course, if you are injured, your osteopath can get you back on track quickly. He will treat your body as a whole to find the causes of your injury or discomfort. But do not wait to have a problem to visit a professional. A dose of prevention is often worth more than a cure.We look forward to hearing from you.