People will often complain about an “aching liver” all thru Holiday seasons. The liver is a vital organ located under the rib cage to the right. And although it’s known for its digestive role, it also plays a very important metabolic and energetic part as well.

Here are some guidelines on the most appropriate moments to seek treatments for it:

  • Pain in the back, ribs and/or neck
  • Shoulder pain
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Fatigue and heaviness
  • Difficulty with digestion

By loosening up the diaphragm (the dome-shaped breathing muscle above the liver) and by increasing the mobility of the liver, we improve blood circulation and function of the organ. We also notice an increase in the liver metabolism and a more robust immune system. In addition, the chest and the back will have more mobility thus relieving pain and fatigue at the same time.