• 85 % or more of all allergy cases (pollen, dust & mites) are easily treated.

However, with seasonal allergies I suggest the patient begins the treatments 6 to 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the season. I prefer not to treat pet allergies as they are much too complex. And I also recommend my patients see their doctor when it comes to food allergies as they can have very serious consequences. In acupuncture, we distinguish the depleted energy of the lung or spleen or the fullness of the liver’s energy. We rebalance the energy of these body organs with small sterilized needles or with a soft laser and just like magic, these unpleasant allergies disappear. There are always exceptional cases of bodies that resist the effectiveness of these treatments. For instance, in a family of three people, two of them experienced immediate results after only four treatments. However, even after ten treatments the third person still had symptoms, even though they were mild. Here are a few excerpts from an article published by the order of Quebec acupuncturists. “Traditional Chinese medicine considers the allergic reaction to be a bad adjustment of the organism to its environment. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and the so-called “energetic” concepts of organs, a weakness or attack on the “Lung System” (*) and on the “Liver System” (*) participate in the presence of these allergic reactions.

  • The “Lung System” (*) is the first organ to be in contact with allergenic substances. If it is weakened, it will be sensitive to these substances and its functions will be affected.
  • The “Liver System” (*), is involved in adapting functions of the organism to its environment. If the “Liver System” (*) is hampered, an exaggerated response to the allergens will result with the onset of the symptoms described above.

“THE ABILITY TO CONSTANTLY ADAPT TO OUR ENVIRONMENT IS ALSO A PART OF LIFE” *Source: www.acupuncture-quebec.com/informations-acupuncture/1-allergies-et-acupuncture.html