People who suffer from bone degeneration problems are afraid to get massaged because their bodies are constantly in pain. But massage helps the body to flush out the toxins that build up in the muscles because of inflammation. It makes us aware of the bad habits we adopt to compensate in our daily activities and tasks. People with bone problems, are constantly trying to protect their bodies, tensing their muscles, which become stiff, giving no break to the bones that get pulled by the tendons of these muscles.

By loosening the muscles, it is possible to understand the damage this can cause and find with the massage therapist lifestyle changes that will improve the daily live and avoid accumulating muscle stiffness by-products. In addition to relaxing the body the massage gives more flexibility and helps avoiding falls that would cause more damage. A regular monthly visit with your massage therapist would allow him/her to show you some self-massage tricks, activities adjustments and finding a better sleeping position. Several doctors prescribe to their patients with arthritis, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis to have regular massaged therapy to decrease the progression of the disease.