“It is suggested that education, on the appropriate quantification of mechanical stress related to the level of symptoms, should be the core of the treatment plan.”

  • Exercises are recommended to reduce pain in the short, medium and long term and to improve function on a medium and long term span
  • Combining exercises for buttock and quadriceps muscles would have greater effects than exercises aimed at only the quadriceps
  • Combined procedures are recommended to reduce pain and improve function (eg: education, exercises, taping)
  • Foot orthotics could reduce pain, but only in the short term
  • Manual therapy is not recommended (patellofemoral, tibio-femoral and lumbar mobilizations)
  • Electrophysical agents are not recommended (ultrasound, electrical current, laser, etc.)


Source: Physio-Québec, Fall / Winter 2016 Volume 43, number 2