Neck problems may occur for various reasons.

  • First the origin can be traumatic resulting from a car accident, a fall on the head or a sudden movement. Numbness in the hands, headaches, problems with vision or hearing can also occur.
  • Sometimes, there can be a difference of temperature in each hand, however the origin of this may come from blood vessels and nerves. During major traumas, and before consulting an osteopath, it is strongly suggested that you consult your doctor in order to eliminate any risk of cervical fracture.
  • The therapist will be able to identify the most important blockage and help release it, no matter the origin: lack of flexibility in the vertebraes, an organ (heart and lungs are attached to the thorax by ligaments) or nervous system connected to the neck and thorax. Through gentle techniques, the therapist will be able to gain mobility to alleviate the traumatic pain.
  • Neck pain can also occur due to degeneration of the cervical spine commonly known as arthrosis. The main objective of the osteopathic approach is to increase thorax mobility caused by bad posture. There are many people who have slumped over postures due to the rise in office work. However with mobilization and breathing techniques, the therapist can address the shortened muscles and relieve the neck pain.