Stress fractures are micro fissures on bones that initially only affect the surface. They generally will be found in the lower body: feet, toes, shins, femurs and sacrum, but not exclusively. If you are an athlete who uses their upper body (tennis, cross country skiing, climbing, etc.), you may end up with this problem in the upper body. The causes vary: lack of diet (calcium or other minerals deficiency), training too often without sufficient resting time, poor posture, biomechanics change, etc.

It is important to properly diagnose this condition as these micro fissures can become a complete fracture. How do they manifest themselves? Normally you will feel progressive muscle pain, stiffness and bone pain, in the affected area.

If this is your case, it is recommended that you stop training immediately and consult your family doctor or physiotherapist. They will be able to assess whether there is a stress fracture looking at X-rays or using other techniques, because not all stress fractures appear on X-rays. Since 2016, physiotherapists can refer clients directly to specialists for X-rays if they deem them necessary while keeping the family doctor involved. Following the assessment, if there is a stress fracture, you will have to stop training to allow your body to complete the healing process.

So how can your professionals from Clinique Santé Guindon help? They can make the diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment in conjunction with your family doctor. Also, because the best way to cure a stress fracture is to prevent it, you should come and see us if you are starting a training program to validate your biomechanics, check your shoes (for runners) and the movements you perform. Also, an osteopathic assessment can help to see if your body is properly aligned and balanced.

The same applies to athletes who have already started training. Our team can help you analyze your biomechanics (worn out shoes, non optimal movement, unhealed injuries, motor chain deficiency, etc ….), the frequency of training, and your recovery. Also, our naturopath can help you optimize nutritional intakes to maximize your recovery.