As doctors, sprained ankle cases are very common.

Here is a brief description of our approach for the rehabilitation of a stage 1 and 2 ankle sprain. Our approach also aims towards the preservation of the regional mobility as well as the maintenance of the calf’s muscle mass whilst encouraging the drainage of the oedema.

During the first step of our treatment, we teach the patient a rehabilitation program combining exercise and ice. During this step, we particularly aim towards the oedemas drainage with the help of exercises. Alternating between ice and exercise reduces pain and metabolizes cells around the injury. In some sort, it’s a way to endure a state of cellular hibernation. Acupuncture can equally be considered to treat problems related to pain and drainage. Our acupuncturist, Sylvain Trudel, can offer treatments with or without needles through laser.

During the second step of this treatment, we teach the patient how to walk on a flat surface and go up, and down stairs using crutches and/or a cane. Physiotherapists are the most well trained health professionals for the rehabilitation and re-educating musculoskeletal injuries. Our approach is always adapted to the level of tolerance to the patients pain as well as their level of mobility. We, here at the Clinique Santé Guindon, aim towards stimulating the muscles that act like pumps in order to drain the ankle oedema.

As soon as possible, we apply a “U” shaped piece foam rubber around the distal malleolus in order to accelerate the healing process. Next, we apply a 6 centimeter elastic bandage going from behind the toes all the way to the calf muscle. The objective is to push the oedema toward the exterior of the ankle articulation.

During the third step of this treatment, we use balancing exercises to re-educate the areas affected by the tear and to avoid any future sprains. The exercises vary and the Clinique Santé Guindon is equipped with a “Pro Fritter”, stackable steps, a stationary bike and many other appliances that assure a path to a complete recovery as well as developing an adapted rehabilitation program for everyone.

Thanks to our orthosis services and our sports physiotherapy expertise, we are able to help patients that want to return to a sport activity and can do so safely.

Our simple and multidisciplinary approach offers a wide variety of options for each client, according to the severity of their injury, their pain tolerance and their therapeutic preferences. Everything we do is intended to get the patient back in track as soon as possible.