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Acupuncture a traditional Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, which uses fine needles strategically inserted at various points of the body for therapeutic purposes. The effects of acupuncture are numerous: pain relief, inflammation reduction, accelerate tissue regeneration, etc.

It is also possible to have acupuncture without needles by means of a laser. Even if less used, this alternative has several advantages: it is inexpensive, painless and leaves no marks. The effects are essentially the same as those obtained by the traditional acupuncture.

The laser is used in the same way that the needles are and there are several models offering different characteristics.

Acupressure is a popular variant of acupuncture, which is done without a needle. As a substitute, the acupuncturist will use pressure of finger, elbow, foot, etc.. according to the desired effect sought.

However, the number of pressure points that can be stimulated by acupressure is greatly reduced in comparison with the approach using needles. Also, as it is less precise in its target, the benefits are also lessened.  Acupressure can treat common ailments and prevent organs weakening.