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What is Osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is based on manual techniques aimed at restoring mobility of the various structures of the body. It is based on the idea that loss of mobility of muscles, tendons, organs, skull or fascia can causes dysfunctions in the body.

Osteopaths thus aim at restoring the body mechanical function which in turns regulate all physico-chemical parameters.

Osteopaths are trained to deal with both the physical and psychosomatic dysfunctions.

Osteopathy is a skill and not a bookish knowledge. All techniques are based on the interaction between the body of the patient and that of the osteopath’s heighten sense of touch developed thanks to many years learning specialize techniques and turning them into practice. An osteopath uses mostly basic physical principles and techniques involving gravity, inertia or acceleration. Each patient reacts to treatment in a unique manner which seldom can be reproduced.

The osteopath has different therapeutic techniques to choose from according to the needs of the patient. He/she can opt for:

  • Passive joint mobilization techniques
  • Active joint mobilization techniques
  • Reflex techniques
  • Mobilization techniques of soft tissue structures and bony structures
  • Psycho-cognitive techniques

Palpation is mainly looking for somatic dysfunctions in all tissues of the body. On top of the initial interview, the hands of the osteopath are an essential tool for both diagnosis and treatment.

Osteopathy aim to treat the entire body. This explains why osteopathic treatments affect not only the problematic site but the whole body as well.   

Osteopathic techniques can help in the following conditions:

  • The locomotor system: some rheumatism, lumbago, sprains, stiff neck
  • The visceral system: some constipation, diarrhea, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
  • The system “brain” some headaches, chronic ear infections, dizziness, tinnitus, blocked nose, chronic sinusitis, colic, difficult children often cry, insomnia, dyslexia and problems with learning, memory, concentration, trigeminal neuralgia

Whatever your condition, consulting with one of our osteopaths will help you understand what we can help you achieve.

Looking forward to helping attain your back-to-health goals.