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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy; a brief description

Massage therapy encompasses various techniques that, despite their differences in philosophy and manipulations, share a number of principles aimed at promoting relaxation (both for your muscles and nervous system), improve blood and lymphatic circulation, favoring assimilation and digestion of food product, optimise the elimination of toxins, improve the functioning of vital organs and favoring a better level of  consciousness. Here is a brief description of those techniques that can be found at the Clinique Santé Guindon.

  • Swedish massage is characterized by pressure and movement applied to the muscle or joints and used to rehabilitate tired, sluggish or inhibited muscles.
  • Shiatsu massage is characterized by pressure made ​​ with thumbs, elbows and even feet. The therapist focuses on meridians and energy points, which are the same as in acupuncture, located beneath below the skin or in the muscles. Pressure intensity will varies in accordance with the energy state of each person.
  • Lomi-atsu massage is a result of the merger between the Lomilomi, a Hawaiian traditional massage, and shiatsu, a traditional Japanese massage. This approach aims to harmonize the flow of energy in the body using sliding pressure with forearms, elbows, hands and thumbs on top of the meridians, which are energy pathways of the body. It helps to boost the body’s vitality and loosen muscles. It also promotes detoxification as it targets various organs of the abdomen.