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Osteopathy for babies

Why consult?

Even the sooner the better. Being born is an important physical ordeal that occurs after a few months of living in certain uncomfortable positions.

"Osteopathy allows the child's body to continue to grow in a normal way.

The pressure exerted on the newborn’s body at the time of birth can leave sequelae such as torticollis, which can develop into plagiocephaly (flat head) if not treated. Regurgitation, sleep disturbances and more can accumulate afterwards. Babies are often brought in for consultation to improve their head mobility.

In addition to the skull and neck, his thorax, back and pelvis may be adversely affected. It is not uncommon for parents to complain that their child suffers from excessive regurgitation and painful and frequent colic. These situations are not normal when they are the daily lot. The same applies to ear infections. When they come and go, it’s because there is something that provokes them. Bringing a child to see an osteopath could resolve the situation at its source by rebalancing the body and breaking the pain-medication cycle.

In the first few months of life, a child experiences normal exponential growth. Delay or slowness may be related to a disturbance in neuro-motor development, caused by an unbalanced musculoskeletal alignment. Restoring neurological flow is the responsibility ofosteopathy to allow the child’s body to catch up and continue to grow in a normal way.

A legitimate question from parents is about their child’s reaction to treatment. Osteopathy is part of manual medicine. It is a gentle method where palpations are made to identify abnormal stiffness in the muscles and ligaments and then mobilize them in order to provoke their release, always gently. A child’s crying during the session only means that he or she is uncomfortable, not in pain. Since his need is only for a few weeks or months, his body quickly responds to the demand to bring him back to a healthy balance.

"Osteopathy allows the child's body to continue to grow in a normal way.

Osteopathy treatment for children

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Completely satisfied with the physio explanations and treatments with Stephan. Very professional and attentive to his patient. I recommend it without hesitation. Thank you!!