Make a dinner that pleases the whole family, meet the requirements of a demanding boss too, get the children to school on time or go walk the dog before it messes up in the house, this is pretty common day for most Westerners. Too often, these lead to stressful situations which seem beyond our control. Yet few people address their anxiety disorders because they do not have the time to do so or because they simply do not know what resources to use. Acupuncture is an option that remains mysterious for many yet it offers beneficial effects in the fight against stress.

First, a brief overview of this method would be appropriate. Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine which involves the introduction of delicate needles at various locations on the patient’s body. These specific locations are determined by traditional Chinese belives which stipulate that these needles located in these specific areas will influence the flow of energy traveling throughout the body. Acupuncture therefore seeks to restore some energy balance. We do not suspect can treat common problems such as eczema, incontinence, allergies or depression, yet it does successfully. The patient feels a tingling or numbness in an acupuncture session. For those who find that this technique seems frightening, a technique using a laser, known as acupressure, is provided at the Clinique Santé Guindon. This technique is not painful, perhaps more reassuring for people more sensitive and as a result almost the same effects as with needles.

We probably wonder how acupuncture we would eliminate our stress, because ultimately it will not reduce the requirements of the boss that we find too demanding and does not allow you to change the culinary tastes of our youngest who hate both greens … Dr. Colin, who once chaired the World Congress of Acupuncture in Strasbourg says that acupuncture does not act directly on the causes and conditions that may cause stress, but on tolerance patient cope with stress caused by them, and therefore its sensitivity threshold. In other words, you’ll face less sensitive to these stressors. You will certainly continue to fulfill the requirements of your boss and need to find a compromise for the whole family is satisfied, but acupuncture has had an effect on how you translate this stress. So you will be able to regain your composure easily.

Acupuncture might be a remedy against stress caused by the race against time and the need for productivity western lifestyle. Companies should think more to offer this service to their employees because it is proven that the health workplace improves productivity. Otherwise, you should consider yourself as acupuncture solution to your anxiety problems, after all, it probably will be worth it.


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