How osteopathy following childbirth can help you?

Childbirth is one of the most emotional times in a woman’s life and a great physical strain. In the weeks following the birth of a child, new morphological, hormonal and emotional changes again upset her body to bring her back to her former balance. Sometimes brutal, they leave the woman in a weakened state: the postpartum.

This return is normally done smoothly, but the physical trauma of childbirth can leave tensions in the pelvis, hips and coccyx which are manifested by lower back and pelvic pain, but also by digestive, genital or cardio disorders. -respiratory, headache, to name only the most common. These discomforts limit regular physical activity, including the necessary care of the newborn. Undertaken quickly, their treatment requires fewer visits to your osteopath, above all, they prevent them from degenerating and adding new problems.

This is the case with scars from an epidural, episiotomy or cesarean section. Tissues, already strained by pregnancy, need flexibility to heal without leaving uncomfortable stiffness. As for the pelvis, it is the most affected by childbirth. In the majority of cases, it is requested asymmetrically which leaves it the victim of unequal tensions.

The new reality for the care of an infant, such as feeding, carrying, carrying the diaper bag, installing the shell in the car, makes adopting positions that are not always ergonomic, thus creating discomfort. It is common for a new mom to have back pain, shoulder to wrist pain, headaches, digestive problems and more. The slightest symptom should be mentioned to your osteopath who will look for the origin of these tensions and, with gentle manipulations, followed by relief.

A mum at her best is the mum of a happy baby!