When visiting an acupuncturist for the first time, do not expect to see him/her with needles in his/her hands … Acupuncture is a highly elaborate and methodical discipline, based on thousands of years of practice.

First of all the therapist assesses the person’s health status and detects his or her energy imbalances. To do this, he/she uses observation, palpations and detailed questionnaires. He/she may even question you about the climates or tastes you prefer – these are additional clues to corroborate an assessment.

He/she takes note of your medical history and characteristics (height, weight, complexion, breathing rhythm, sound of the voice, movements, emotional state, etc.). He/she examines the pulse and the tongue, listens to stomach noises, notes body odors and examines the painful areas associated with the meridians.

Source: Passeport santé Acupuncture première consultation