Often when we experience pain or injury, we stop our activities thinking that time will heal us. Indeed, it is sometimes true ! But that same nasty pain comes back to haunt us weeks, months or even years later. So how do we get rid of it? How do we make sure that this time it is properly healed and will not come back ?

Consulting your physiotherapist is a good way to address these issues. A preliminary evaluation will assess your current condition (acute, chronic or dormant) and you will receive exercise treatments to prevent future pain and heal the one you have. This natural form of treatment has several benefits: improving your fitness (strength, flexibility, endurance), improving your mood and sleep, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, etc.).

Spending a few minutes each day to properly exercise will save you spending hours waiting  to see a doctor. Exercises are an inexpensive tool that will actually improve your life. However, to be sure of the exercises that are right for you and your condition, consult your physiotherapist to help you to get the right program in order to undertake your sports safely. Make sure you add the exercise miracle pill to your routine !