Having been an acupuncturist for over twenty years, I am always surprised and delighted to see the effects produced by needle insertion (single use) or even by using a soft laser.

A fifty year old woman came to see me not knowing why she had a vertigo problem. She had undergone all kinds of tests through traditional medicine but to no avail. Her doctor then suggested she try acupuncture. During our first consultation, we were already able to determine that the imbalance came from excessive energy in the liver.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many sources for symptoms of dizziness: a void of energy in the kidneys, or in the components of the stomach-gallblater. We cannot establish a good energetic diagnostic by listening to the client describe their different symptoms to us.

Please note on the insistence in using the word energy as it comes from the exact essence of acupuncture. We work with specific points on the meridians (pathways) where energy circulates in order to nourish and reach each body organ. There may be a lack of energy (void) or an overflow (excess).

Finally, the woman eventually chose to have the laser treatment because she did not like the idea of having needles in her body. The dizziness was decreased by 80% after 5 treatments. And 3 treatments later the symptoms of dizziness were a thing of the past!