Here is a case that illustrates how acupuncture can provide interesting results when combined with another therapy.

  • A young woman of 35 years old was referred to me by her osteopath. She’d been suffering from sciatica for the last 3 years.
  • The pain radiated from her sciatic nerve on to the outer side of her right leg, all the way down to her foot. Despite his best efforts, my colleague was only able to relieve the pain temporarily.After examination, we discovered that 2 of the 4 trochanteric muscles (small muscles that are found in the large muscle of the buttock) were in constant spasm. A portion of the sciatic nerve undulated between four muscles.
  • When a portion of one or more muscles are in spasms and are hyper-tensed, we call this being pinched. And depending on the portion that is pinched, the person will feel the pain in the front, the back or on the side of the leg.
  • These muscle spasms can be found everywhere in the body and can be present for several years, preventing the body to regain its natural posture.
  • When we successfully puncture the knots in the muscle, the spasm will loosen up allowing the body to regain its muscle balance.
  • It can sometimes take between 4 to 10 treatments for all the muscles to be completely relaxed. The osteopath can then correct the posture and completely eliminate the rest of the pain. 5 treatments alternating with osteopathy were required to completely relieve the clients’ pain.