Not all types of massage are for relaxation. Certain types of massages help you recover and undo adhesions which can be the source of pain or fatigue. This is the case for deep tissue massage. It is a type of massage that targets the deeper structures and works on the adhesions that are created by lesions that have left scars in the healing process. These scars do not allow a full movement of the muscular tissue. So, by targeting these, your therapist can undo the adhesions to return the tissue to a healthier version and improve movement.

Who takes this type of massage? Many athletes will use them to help recover. The process of training aims to create an adaptation in the body when facing a new level of stress. Adhesions are therefore a by-product of training as tissues must be repaired when subjected to an ever-increasing workload. Some workers may also perform tasks that place stress on the body. Ironically, we will notice two extremes here: those who work in a very physical environment and those who spend much of their time in a static position.

From a physiological point of view, both create stresses on the body. The first concerns athletes in training, and the second concerns those who maintain a position for a very long time (muscular endurance), as is the case for office workers.

If you schedule a deep tissue massage, what should you expect? It is a very physical massage and can sometimes be painful. Your therapist will use hands, fingers and elbows to reach the deeper tissues. Friction work will be done on these adhesions to eliminate them, and often the therapist will work on the body from a certain angle to have access to certain regions.

It’s not a relaxing massage as in “hot stones” or “Swedish”! It is an energetic and vigorous massage that aims at promoting recovery. Do you do sports or does your work put stress on your body? Make an appointment with our massage therapist and try this type of massage. It will help you recover. Also, if your posture at work affects your back, we have options for you. We offer chairs for a more dynamic working position, exercises that will help you have a healthier back, and we can help you get more appropriate ergonomics.

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