• “My kidneys hurt” is a popular saying in French which means to have a backache. Did you know that back pain can be caused by a kidney problem? The kidneys are suspended behind the abdominal organs, supported against the hip flexor called the psoas and they slide up or down like a train on rails. The psoas start at the spine and attach to the thigh. A tension in the psoas will result in a loss of mobility of the spine causing pain in the lower back, hips and buttocks.
  • Kidney dysfunction is manifested by a lack of downward or upward mobilityLoss of kidney mobility can occur due to:
    – Abdominal or pelvic surgery
    – Childbirth
    – Weight loss
    – Fall
    – Chronic cough
    – PostureAbdominal and pelvic scarring, such as a caesarean section, can also cause a lack of mobility to the kidney via the envelopes called fascia. Other backaches caused by the kidneys could also be due to a change in the volume of the abdominal cavity, like childbirth or to an important and sudden weight loss.
  • The seated position will promote a lack in kidney mobility, like truckers who suffer repeated seated impacts. The therapist will first have to evaluate the position and mobility of the kidneys to adequately treat kidney blockage along with the back pain.