Here is a summary of the article published by the Order of professional physiotherapists in Quebec.

A sport for all tastes

A discipline where sport and nature are one

Undeniable physical advantages

Despite the apparent ease of sliding downhill, alpine skiing is a sport that requires endurance, technique, and good muscle condition. It is important to remember that skiing is rarely limited to a single descent. Therefore this activity requires body endurance. It also develops balance and proprioception.

Undeniable physical advantages

Traumatic injuries: when falling – watch the neck, head, thumbs and back.

Overuse injuries: knee injury, patellofemoral syndrome

Good reflexes

If you feel pain after a skiing session or if the pain persists and prevents you from doing daily activities (climbing stairs, squatting, etc.), it is recommended that you consult a health care professional. Physiotherapy offers ways to treat and reduce pain due to patellofemoral syndrome (PFPS) which are numerous and effective. Physiotherapists will offer stretching, strengthening exercises, and ensure good posture.

Lack of technique: one of the main causes of ski injuries

Beginners who have learned to ski without the help of an instructor are even more at risk of injury because their technique is not optimal. Skiers who have taken courses will be more likely to ski in a safe manner and will have developed the skills to cope with the trails. They will also be able to choose the type of trail that suits them best and thus avoid having to ski on trails that are too dangerous and not adapted to their level.

Physiotherapy: a good partner for the skier

Physiotherapy is a very important ally for the skier. If you want to start skiing and you have questions about practicing correctly, or if you feel pain during the activity, do not hesitate to consult a physiotherapist. They will be able to advise you, determine your physical weaknesses, and to accompany you before, during, and after your ski season.

You should also be aware that some physiotherapy clinics offer mainly treatments and advice for athletes. Please also note that Stéphan Guindon and Warwick Long hold degrees in physical education and osteopathy and can help you with preventing and treating ski injuries.